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Secret archives of the Freemasons shows how many were involved in the investigation into the sinking of the Titanic

On the investigation into the sinking of the Titanic might have influenced the Freemasons, new evidence suggests.

The secret archives containing the names of two million freemasons was first published on the website Ancestry, and reveals how prepared Freemasons were involved in the controversial British investigation into the greatest catastrophe of that time.

Archive confirms that not only are the judge who oversaw the British Committee of the disaster and the main investigators, than those who avoid censorship – were all Masons.

While the US Senate investigation revealed that the culprit was the British Board of Trade due to “lax regulation that allowed the board to be such a small number of rescue ships,” the British investigation, led by Lord Mersey was not accused Committee.

But Lord Mesey, real name John Charles Bigham, was, as now learned mason who joined the London Lodge in 1881.

They belonged to the chairman of the board, Sydney Buxton, who became a member of the same year in Limehouse, east London.

The names of at least two of the five members of the experts who participated in the investigation, are also in the Masonic archives; namely Harvard professor John Biles, a specialist in naval architecture and Edward Chaston, senior engineer.

Meanwhile, it was learned that the Lord Pirrie, who was director of Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, where the Titanic was built, and one of the directors of the company that was at the head of the White Star (companies whose possession was the Titanic), also were Masons.

Expert Titanic, Nic Compton, author of Titanic on Trial ‘, stated: “The investigation of the Titanic in the UK is designated as” corrected “because of it thrown out most involved. Only three passengers were examined, with the all belonged to the first class.

Captain Smith was off and only because the majority of ships in those days usually raced through the ice without major consequences.

The only person with both investigations rushed in full gear was the captain of the ship California which was located at a distance of 13 kilometers and whose crew watched when Titanic fired flares, but you did not do anything until it was too late. ”

Compton claims that the British more focused on populist issues, such as whether to receive rescue boats wealthy travelers who offered them a bribe and why they did not return by the people who were swimming around the ship.

Otherwise, a passenger ship that sank to the bottom of the Atlantic in the early morning of April 15, 1912, remains one of the biggest maritime disaster which killed more than 1,500 and 700 people survived.

British investigation has led trade committee which gave the approval of the board, and for which many believed they did not want to be found guilty, because it is among those responsible was he himself and the White Star. The investigation concluded that Captain Smith did what any other good man did that was in his place, the Telegraph reported.

No link with Masons sheds new light on the whole investigation, but also indicates the extent to which the Masons were involved in British high society, as well as to how prepared you might manage it.

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They slept with British politicians, killing mobsters from rival groups and dominated the British tabloids for almost 20 years. In addition, they were among the last prisoners who were detained in a London tower

“Those were the best years of our lives,” wrote Ronnie Kray in his autobiography ‘My Story’, published in 1993. “They call them licentious 60s, when pop music of the Beatles and the Stones manage. Carnaby Street is operated by the world of fashion … and my brother and I in London. We were the * one untouchable.”

It was as if hell dominated the world. Ronnie and Reggie Kray, identical twins were born in 1933, led the night clubs and betting shops, mingled with Frank Sinatra (which equipped the bodyguards during his British tour of nightclubs), Judy Garland, George Raft and Jean Shrimpton, American gangsters , inspired a multitude of writers, and even wrote three books alone.

They slept with British politicians, killing mobsters from rival groups and dominated the British tabloids for almost 20 years. In addition, they were among the last prisoners who were detained in a London tower.

This fascinanatna brothers inspired many, including Brian Helgeland, who decided to direct a film about them, in which both characters played by Tom Hardy, who has already won acclaim for his performance.

This movie is just one of many of the Kray brothers (at the beginning of this goes and British low-budget film “The Rise of the Krays ‘, and will soon premiere” Fall of the Krays’), which are extremely popular in the UK, but the story about them spread all over Europe and across the Atlantic.

Otherwise, the most dynamic duo in the 1960s, was born in Hoxton in England, with many claiming that they were “rotten from birth.” With nine years have fallen into the first big fight, and to each other, and we would have saved the whole of England that you then end their lives. It did not happen, but the bloody battle ended by Reggie finished with a broken head.

As schoolchildren are being taken up boxing, which they could use in odraslijoj age, and favorite pastime was their “cigarette shot” when he approached the person as if she would light a cigarette, but eventually crashed lighter smokers in the face, hitting him with all his might.

In 1952 they went to join the army, but they walked out of the center of recruitment when they realized that they should listen to someone else’s orders. Ronnie referral beat a corporal, so it was the next day searched by military police who surrendered them military. But ingenious duo fled, after which they were again caught and sent to a military prison.

They were among the last prisoners who were held in London’s Tower, and after they had attacked several guards, including the commander to which they threw all the contents of a chamber pot, their military career is definitely over.

Over the next few years, they were known for racketeering, kidnappings and armed robberies. Pure ruthlessness came to the first nightclub and started building his empire.

Their charm and charisma have quickly turned them into celebrities, though they are all primarily feared. They spread their jobs due to intimidation, but were not afraid even before the elimination of opponents.

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If you thought that the worst situation in North Korea, probably did not hear what is going on in Eritrea

Europe is in the midst of the biggest refugee crisis in 20 years, and partly because of the brutal civil war in Syria.

But a large number of refugees leaving much less known African country – Eritrea. The Eritreans make up the third largest group of refugees crossing the Mediterranean, and the UN says about 360,000 inhabitants (6.3 million), ie. Five percent of citizens have left the country.

Last year, Eritreans were the second most populous group of asylum seekers in the UK, where he sought asylum over 800 Eritreans from the Syrians.

Among the refugees was a stage and Abraham, who realized he had to leave Eritrea after his mother died. “After his mother’s death, I felt great pain, I can not describe it.”

By the time she died, in 2012, the stage was conducted for 15 years in the army, serving forced, time indefinite military service.

The UN report, which was released earlier this year, says that in the country there is a “systematic, widespread, gross violations of human rights”, but that in some cases a “crime against humanity”. Authoritative government is one of the worst regimes in the world, and has been called “Africa’s North Korea.”

Bini was located in a military camp, hundreds of kilometers away from home, all the angry that he could not help my elderly mother.

“For me it was a terrible situation, when I was in the army and it indefinitely. I could not marry her, and I could not help the family.”

He tried to escape several times, but every time you wind up in jail. For years he thought of the family, especially his mother, and now claims that this is what it held in life and in their right minds. When she died, he just knew it was time to leave.

Six years in the caves

Bini is normally born in the capital of Sudan – Khartoum, 1978. His parents were from Eritrea, but in the time of his birth in their country is for 20 years raged war with Ethiopia.

When the stage was five, his family decided to return to his homeland and fight against Ethiopia. Since his father and mother became soldiers, they began to live in caves, hidden from view by bushes enemy.

During the conflict, soldiers from Eritrea were in fact created a whole network of underground tunnels and mountain caves, far from the Ethiopian bombs, and a small stage so he lived six years until Eritrea finally became independent in 1993.

“It was like London – the city and the country were found a lot of things, such as factories … shoe factory!” Recalls today Bini who was at that time knew for months separated from their parents who were on the frontline while he attended daily classes that normally took place within the cave.

Leisure began to exploit the painting, and the main topic of his to be warriors.

When the war ended, the stage was reunited with her parents in the capital Asmara. “We thought we were now free. From 1991 to 1997 we all worked and prospered.”

But even in this period there were some unusual events on the stage. The party that came to power did not trust the West, because they believed that they were Westerners indulge yourself at the mercy of Ethiopia.

The Russians have financed fighters for independence, Eritrea and is soon concluded a close diplomatic relations with communist China, which they in turn in 1996 began sending experts for sports and culture to help the country in the further education of young people.

Among culture workers was in the delegation of artists who were to teach Eritreans painting and sculpture. Eritrea has launched a national search for the talented future painters and sculptors who could teach Chinese artists, and among them is selected and the stage.

The learning process and the rejection of candidates for stage lasted five years, during which he was a Chinese “professors” have learned a lot of things and he was prestretan when he could paint.

He enjoyed and traveled around with other students and professors, although they worked hard from eight to 18 hours each day, along with a multitude of tasks. “If we were talking and laughing during class, they could throw you out of the study because it was forbidden, and thus prove how great achievement even reach there.”

“I was surrounded by enemies”

But after two years of study, the study Biniamov abruptly interrupted the arrival of a new war, which has dramatically worsened the situation in the country and why are thousands of people became refugees.

Eritrea has begun to thrive in Ethiopian territory, which held that it has the right to appropriate 1998.

Bini was forced to join the army, and with 20 already was superior to the twelve men. Tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians were killed in a terrible conflict, and it is estimated that disappeared about 1.2 million people, while both sides have taken thousands of prisoners of war.

Bini was near death or jail several times. Once thought he was done, along with a wounded friend. But luckily managed to get out a hostile environment, along those stars, which is something that the Eritrean army taught all his soldiers to do.

The BBC is assumed that both sides during the conflict day by spending a million dollars. Neither side you could not afford it, and began to spread famine across both countries and Eritrejin GDP today to 170, from 186 countries in the world.

The war ended with a peace agreement in 2000, when the stage could not leave his college. But the perennial conflicts has fundamentally changed the situation in the country.

1993 State President Isaias Afwerki has become, who then decided he did not need elections to stay in power. Since 2001 he began to rule extremely autocratic and repressive, and has created a high military society in a way that they all had the army indefinitely, sometimes for life.

The country was gripped by paranoia

Aggressive approach, Afwerki has created a totalitarian state who gave him complete control of all citizens, which began largely closed and including the spread paranoia, sent them to forced labor and military service.

Children and selected individuals who for some reason do not have to join the army, they must turn to possess written permission to be able to move anywhere outside the home.

After three years of study, he graduated from the stage and re-joined the army, where the main rule is that there are no rules to superiors could invent what they want.

“If you would like to drink water, they would say you drink tea. And if you would like tea, you should drink water. It is a cardinal rule of the military. She does not like people, and people hate it.”

Regularly, he was sent to jail without trial, for allegedly not obeying superiors. He was allowed to draw, but only here and there and the occasional propaganda flag or a tank, which he did not like it at all, and never daring to complain.

In Eritrea, says the stage, no one speaks. “In other African countries, people yelling and loud, but not in my country. You know why? Because all the sacrifices, all feel the pain. In almost every house had died three or four people. All are victims of war and all experiencing deep pain. “

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Many are trying to discover the true face of suicidal jihadist terrorists. Are they very conservative, devout Muslims who pray five times a day; disclaim music, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and socializing with the opposite sex as they try to help and to forgive others? Or are hedonistic party people who take drugs, visiting strip clubs, are promiscuous and enjoy sex with members of both sexes?

Given the 30-year experience imams in British Muslim communities, as well as a former Islamist who knew and met several people who became convicted terrorists, the answer may be both, says Usama Hasan, adding that though all the terrorists to forget essence of Islam, which is compassion, forgiveness and humanity that is opposed to any form of terrorism.

Groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS can predispose people of different origins and backgrounds. Leaders are often very intelligent and fanatical in terms of religion, and they are attracted to intellectual illusion of revolutionary ideology and utopia.

But the soldiers, who do all the work, usually have their antithesis, because motivates them primarily a love of violence, anger and revenge against the society in which they felt rejected and occasionally been exposed to racism.

Some of the Parisian striker led the cafes in which to sell alcohol, took drugs, slept with whom they came, and some are even frequently visited gay bars in Brussels.

Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumedienne, a pair associated with ISIL who attacked a kosher supermarket in Paris in January, previously photographed in bathing suits on the French coast, not at all like the Islamists.

On the other hand, the London bombers of 2005 was accompanied by leaders of Al-Qaeda and trying to live as devout Muslims. Ayman Al-Zawahiri has always been religious, Islamist, ever since he studied in Cairo.

Osama bin Laden is also a devout and once recounted how his father Muhammad, a successful businessman, had a contract to work in three holiest mosques in Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, and sometimes managed to pray at all three locations in one day.

Also, some of the British women who have recently joined the ISIL, recorded extremely high academic achievement, while only occasionally converts girls troubled past. And among British men can find people of different backgrounds, from those who have worked in restaurants and rapists, to successful students and young professionals.

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This invention is alive designed by you Lithuanian engineer Julijonas Urbonas, who designed it back in 2010, when he wanted to enroll in doctoral studies at the Royal College of Art in London.

Death is terrifying, and it is not so exciting ?! That is the goal of the controversial ‘eutanazijskog train of death “, the giant designed so that passengers transit through a series of extreme highs and lows that should inspire a sense of euphoria, followed by deaths due to lack of oxygen to the brain. The project has caused outrage associations that advocate for the right to dignified death seriously ill.

This gruesome invention designed by you Lithuanian engineer Julijonas Urbonas, who designed it back in 2010, when he wanted to enroll in doctoral studies at the Royal College of Art in London.

Urbonas, who is fond of amusement parks while working in one, designed this scenario for a horror movie as an alternative to the death ritual in which people will be sent to another world, as he says, “in a more human way: elegant and euphoric.” However, no one has yet built.

Here’s how to function strangest method of suicide in the world: first there was the traveler went on a long, slow ascent, the amount of which would be higher than 500 meters, during which time he could remember the beautiful moments in life, and come to terms with your decision.

When they came to the top, people get a few minutes to pray, or to send in your mind the last greetings loved ones, before he squeezed the “fall” and started going down the steep slope, followed by the circles located at an angle of 360 degrees.

Already in the first round, most people died, says Urbonas, because when you are traveling at a speed of 100 meters per second, the man experienced a loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain, which is often caused by a feeling of euphoria.

And in case you do not die in the first round, it would have definitely happened in one of the following six.
However, construction of such a train of death would not be at all easy, because he would be three times higher than the highest roller coaster in the world – Kingda Ka – which was built 18 months and cost 25 million dollars.

Of course, ‘euthanasia roller coaster’ sounds like a nightmare to all those who do not want to die or do not enjoy even the most ordinary trains of death, but those who wish to end his life, says Urbonas, this would be a way to be able to do the “humane” method, because it does not just to get by death was painless and quick, but would be both enjoyable and beautiful.

“It would be a substantial death. For a person who falls, would be painless, and the entire body would be included in the ritualized killing machines,” says Urbonas who believes that death is unfortunately no longer part of the cultural life of Western society.

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Anne Frank today could be grandma, who lives in Boston and wrote, only that she was allowed to enter the US

Many have noted the historical parallels between the current debate about the Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the United States, as if they’re the same did the European Jews who had fled from areas under German occupation in World War II.

Among the many who tried, and failed, to escape the Nazis there was Otto Frank and his family, namely his wife Edith and daughters Margot and Anne. Although the story of their numerous attempts to escape today might seem unlikely, it is like many others who have tried the same.

American University history professor Richard Breitman, written in 2007, after the documents which are presented chronologically fight Frank to obtain a US visa, “The attempts of Otto Frank to take his family to the US ran into a multitude of strict US immigration policies which have tailored to preserve national security and the state of the large influx of foreigners in times of war “.

The historian said that in 2007 that the documents confirm that Anne Frank could be alive and healthy elderly lady who lives in Boston and writes.

But instead she died at age 15 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany.

Otto Frank is a relatively late requested a US visa, which proved to be impossible because there was a nearly 80 pages of documents that needed to be filled and submitted, and even Frank’s high connections with US business and political circles were not sufficient to ensure a safe flight his family.

“The story as you rotate slowly before your eyes when watching an exchange of letters from one continent to another, as it travels from country to country, where the journey goes more and more time. On each new page as you find new pitiful signs of a vicious process in which the US has constantly demanded new sponsors, large sums of money, certified statements and evidence that the state would benefit from their arrival. As soon as Frank and their American supporters solve one administrative or logistical obstacle, would create a second, “wrote New York Times , who also examined the YIVO documents on Frank family, which brought together Jewish community.

Promised Land – America

By 1941, the Frank family was shifted from Germany to the Netherlands, where a few years earlier Otto Frank has sought a visa to the United States. However, their applications are destroyed once wrote Frank old colleague from college in the United States, Nathan Straus Jr.

“I am forced to emigrate, and as far as I can tell, the US is the only country where we can go,” wrote Frank on April 30, 1941. “You may remember that we have two girls. Primarily because of these children have to be careful what we will continue to do so. Our fate is less important.”

Frank asked Nathan to leave $ 5,000 to cover the deposit for a visa, saying that he was the only person to be asking. Strauss was connected to a man, the son of one of the co-owner of Macy, director of American authority on households and friend of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Strauss and his wife Helen were indeed intervened in the story, and pulling the connections in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the migration department of the National Center for Refugees.

They tried to help the brothers of Edith Frank, who have already arrived in the United States, and was told that the authorities will take care of the family and provide them with accommodation. Frank is still worried that they are as ordinary workers in Boston earn too little to make them government officials believe that they can take care of them, so in the end it promised to do their boss.

Otto Frank would probably be more successful if he tried to escape before, but until April 1941. His work has been pretty good, the family was comfortably and then not yet committed some of the worst moves against the Jews in the Netherlands. So, why did not decide to leave the country, until, as it turned out, it was too late.

Suspicion that has not changed to this day

It did not help that in the course of Frank’s done the paperwork, immigration rules are constantly changing, and the Americans towards refugees have become quite suspicious.

The US government has decided to completely hamper the possibility of refugees entering the country, while the Nazis prevented them leaving the country.

By early 1939, more than 300,000 people were on the waiting list for the immigration visa to the United States, says Breitman.

Americans approve visa only if you have reserved time for the United States, and people never know where they will be placed exactly at the time of escape, so in advance.

Also, Frank could not get a visa because they had survived close family members in Germany. The Americans are afraid that if refugees leave family members in Germany, they would be caught and tortured by the Nazis, and thus to blackmail newcomers to the United States to spy for them, in order to save the lives of their loved ones.

In addition, some Italians and Germans who had previously fled their country, once they became familiar in the new state, began to defend the events in the country, which has angered local residents, who thought it was a covert agents and spies.

As the time passed, and Frank was all the more desperate, decided to take refuge in Cuba. But at that time, when the multitude of European Jews awaited the approval of US visas in Cuba, the Americans decided to inform Cubans that many of these people will not be allowed to enter the ASD-in, and automatically and Cuban authorities became nervous and reluctant to admit new refugees.

Nevertheless, December 1, 1941, Otto Frank was able to obtain a Cuban visa, but only for himself, according to the Independent

Ten days later, Germany and Italy declared war the United States, and his visa was canceled. Therefore, the whole family went into hiding, the day after Margot Frank received an order he had to go to the east in a labor camp and a month after Anne received a diary on her 13th birthday. And the rest is history.

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For exciting Rams sex is a real adventure which is a little “spice” always welcome. The woman prone on the edge of the bed so that her body from the waist hanging over the edge. The man behind her kneeling on the floor, resting his hands on her hips and dictate play.


Pose “scissors” is ideal for this character. A man lying on his back, one leg stretched out and the other bent at the knee like to sunbathe. A woman sitting on a man so that the leg is placed between the thighs.


Doggy style is an excellent choice for the Twins. A woman kneeling on the bed with his head and chest on the bed, or leaning on a table, a sink or a fence, and the man behind it. A man kneeling or standing and dictated the pace.


Emotional crabs annually intimacy. “Spoon” pose in which a man and woman lie on their sides clinging to each other is a great choice. If you want something more, then women bend your upper body forward to the L position, a man dictating the game and attracts a partner holding her hair or shoulders.


A man lying on his back with a woman sitting on it so that it looks to the eye. The woman plays with her hips in all directions.


Virgin love to be the center of attention. Their favorite position is doggy style. If you want to play with a partner a little down on one knee and leaned on the other foot and the woman let her completely down the upper body.


The missionary position will delight all scales. Man lying on the partner leaning on his hands, and the woman raises legs on his shoulders.


Pose for a super woman where the man lying with her legs spread, bent at the knees, a woman kneeling on him leaning forward and leaning on hand. The man lifted her buttocks and dictate play.


Impulsive little Sagittarius exhibitions always comes in handy. The woman lies on her back, the man kneels in front of her. A woman raises the pelvis and puts his feet on the partner’s shoulders. A man holding his hips dictate the pace.


Capricorns are the most excited in a classic pose in which a woman seated or crouching on the man and the movement and the movement of the hips dictate the pace.


And in the case of Aquarius woman is holding the strings. A man sitting on the bed against the wall as the chair and the woman squatting on it and facing the same direction. A man raises his hands under her buttocks and dictates the speed and depth of penetration.


Complex and passionate fish like action and stunts. A woman stood in the position as it would make a handstand, a man approached her and lifted leg, held it to his body and adjusts to a position that is comfortable for both partners.

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The meeting, which took place behind closed doors, was attended by only popular stars, presidents of companies, CEOs and many other powerful

“Plan to Take Over the World”, or abbreviated PTTOW !, makes hundreds of rich, powerful people who had gathered in late October Tao restaurant in Manhattan to discuss global dominance.

The meeting, which took place behind closed doors, was attended by only popular stars, presidents of companies, CEOs and many other powers.

This group brought together six years ago the ambitious Roman tsundere, who managed to draw even figures such as the Dalai Lama and Tony Hawk, as well as the Presidents of Levi, Vice Media and senior representatives of Red Bull, Spotify, GoPro, Citibank, American Express , Hershey and tinder.

Tsunderov plan is to discover how to take over the world, and in doing so he hopes will help him famous artists and powerful companies, because if you care to unite all forces – can not be fruitless.

“If you ask me how PTTOW! Look like in ten years, I’ll let you will be responsible for creating the 10 most important cultural moments in the world. Because only live once, right ?!” explained tsundere.

Although about what exactly does this organization do not know much, it is known that a few months ago, organized the celebration of the 80th birthday of the Dalai Lama, and that next year will participate in the organization of the Olympic Games, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

“We want to do the greatest things. Whether it is about trying to understanding what is happening on Mars or on how to introduce a commercial space flights, or simply how we can facilitate people’s lives …” says tsundere.

On one of their celebration was no shortage of food and drinks, as well as models covered only the color of the body, described the journalist Todd Van Luling.

“When they all took place, slam poet and posvuduša In-Q rose to pzornicu and yelled that if we feel alive, some yelled, ‘Yeah!’. All we had to get up, stretch out his arms and thrusting with each other, after which are all members lined up in rows of massage and massage we had each other. Then we sat down and listened to funny songs like ‘The value is a funny thing’ and ‘Avocados toast’. At the end of the In-Q said “The most important things in life are … ‘, to which the gathered rich exclaimed:’ Free ‘. “

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Guerrero, Mexico is known for gang and the disappearance of 43 students, and as long as residents tried to bring order, the situation is only worse

When people on Facebook have decided to paint the profile photographs in colors of the French flag, to show sympathy with the victims of attacks in Paris, thousands of customers from Mexico responded with a less well-known, but in their country a very important case, and published the photo Mexican flag that is faded and covers a portrait of Mexican mothers with two children lying dead in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero.

“Let’s see how many Mexicans to put this flag as a profile picture,” it said in the comments below the photo which is divided more than 15,000 times.

To those who observe violence in Mexico, Guerrero should be last year’s news.

2014 is the level of homicide was the highest in Mexico and eight times higher than the national average. That same year, the missing 43 students from the Faculty of Education in Ayotzinapi, after they were detained by the police in igual, after which they disappeared without a trace.

The search did not locate the lost students, but revealed hundreds of hidden graves of unidentified human remains that are buried in the hills outside the city.

But it did not affect to be shocked and possibly reducing crime, but it is increasing. The rate of murder is, so far, in 2015 to 29 per cent higher compared with the same period last year. And what is most shocking about the new wave of violence is that it has become a normal occurrence throughout the country.

The effects of these changes are felt everywhere, from small towns in the region of the Sierra to Acapulco on the coast.

Between April and October this year killed five police commander in Acapulco, and had never recorded such a large amount of violence directed towards the local police, said Mexican investigative journalist and writer, David Espino.

Gangs have committed 754 murders in Acapulco this year, which means that it was an average of 2.3 a day, and normally that is the tourism almost completely collapsed.

Because violence is closed thousands of businesses and 14 schools, and cruise ships to stay clear of the harbor.

Authorities in Guerrero believe that the majority of violence associated with drugs is due to settling scores. 89 percent of murders that happen in Guerrero is not never punished by the judiciary.

The new governor, Héctor Astudillo, was elected in June because the campaign has emphasized that it will introduce a “peace and order” in this country. However, he failed to stop the bloodshed.

And it probably will not make it any federal troops promised to send the Mexican Secretary of State, Miguel Osorio Chong.

All are waiting for changes and lose hope

Since he took office Astudillo, October 27, and after ten years of absence on the scene once again led the revolutionary party, in Guerrero happened at least 30 murders.

Security experts suspect that will change the situation on the arrival of federal troops the problem area, and even people they do not believe. More and more crimes, such as the disappearance of students, becomes part of a vicious cycle of violence which no one punished.

Photo by Facebook users should publish instead of the French flag, depicting the victims of mascara that occurred on 4 November in Tetitlánu de Las Limas. The victims were sisters, nephew and niece, the former head of police in Chilapa. The boss has escaped and is hiding from last year, after being Mexican security forces from duty. Six of his relatives were killed over the two days, including his 27-year-old son.

Growth of violence caused new conflicts between the military and civilians who have long criticized the military for not previously included and helped them. The only providing much-so much security are self-organized citizens who care for her more than they did the state and local government, police and army.

November 13 the situation earnest. Military patrols 200 people stopped in the village of Carrizal de Bravoo, where they thousand peasants did not allow further passage. Farmers in the village Polixtepec are in fact sought the help of the army nine days earlier, when the sheriff and his deputy were killed, but because help is not coming, took matters into their own hands and defend the village from the members of the cartel.

When she finally appeared army, disarmed the peasants and did not continue the search for fugitive members of the cartel. Shortly thereafter, when thousands of villagers ran to the same army, she agreed to release a number of imprisoned peasants and return the weapons they seized.

At the end of several hours of negotiations with the army, farmers have learned that cartel members attacked their comrades near the third village. The civilians were begging the soldiers to the instructions on the scene and investigate the situation, but these did not want to do.

When the Marines later sent their people to the place of the alleged conflict, they did not find any bodies, but there were many signs that there occurred a armed conflict.

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It is said that behind every successful man is a woman, the night in the case of Rose Kennedy, she is a successful woman behind five successful men.
The wife of Ambassador Joe Kennedy Seniora and mother of President John F Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Ted, and a hero of the Second World War – Joe Kennedy Jr., was a quiet force behind political dynasty over 104 years of life.

No new foreign Kennedy wife and mother was discovered thanks to the recently discovered audio interviews recorded by the writer of her memoirs ‘Times to Remember’.

Although audio tapes never reached the public, the wife of writer Robert Coughlan forwarded them to the historian who follows the Kennedy family – Laurence Leamer, when her husband died in 1992.
Leamer, who has written four books on famous Irish-American family, has written a new play the tapes with the Rose, which is supposed to be premiered next week in New York.

The historian, however, and before the premiere decided to share with the world some of the interesting things about Rose, encountered the 40-hour long interviews.
“She was ignored history. However, it is the only survivor of the story, the only one who could honestly and at length about all that was happening,” said Leamer.

He never went into the details of her daughter’s lobotomy
Among the hot topics that seemed too controversial for her memoir was the lobotomy daughter Rosemary in 1941. Third oldest child Kennedy – Rosemary, born with mild mental disorder in 1918 and never developed into a four-year intellectual level.

Even though she was obedient in childhood, in adolescence began to sneak out at night from boarding. When she was 23 years old, her father decided to secretly take a lobotomy, because he spent the rest of his life disabled.
When asked about the family tragedy, Rose had mentioned his daughter’s condition, but she refused to talk in detail about the procedure. “Rosemaryin mind is completely gone. It happened by accident that you do not want to talk.”

During life, Rose watched dying prematurely four of her nine children.
Oldest Joe Junior died on the battlefield in World War II, the sons Jack and Bobby were assassinated, and daughter Kathleen died in a plane crash. Rose added that the family resisted depressed despite great personal losses.
“It would be selfish and demoralizing that we focused on our tragedy. When the children came home, trying not to talk about it. After Jack died, there was a saying, for my grandchildren, there’s no crying in the house. If you cry , they would send you back where you came. I insisted on it. ”

Although many said that the family is cursed because of all the disasters which they experienced, Rose always tried to remember all the good things.
“We know each other presidents, dukes, kings and queens. We had money, talent, and we held each other to do. We were handsome … I was not surprised when we happened tragedy, it was amazing to be last.”

But Rose admits he was not always great to be Kennedy. She obsessively weighed children each week. He says that the Kennedys were known to have been prone to get a tummy, and she gave them to eat things like ice cream.
Also, it would make them physically punished with a ruler or a clothes hanger when they would not be polite at the table during the meal.
Many believe that there was not much love between Rose and her husband. It was said that it was a marriage of convenience because Rose was the daughter of a Boston mayor John Fitzgerald, while Joe was a successful broker with political aspirations.

During the 55 years of their marriage, Joe reportedly had numerous affairs, and it is a famous actress Gloria Swanson and Marlene Dietrich. When he was 60 years old, began his nine-year affair with his secretary, Janet Fontaine, who at the beginning of their relationship was only 24 years old.

Fontaine claims that Rose must have known about their relationship, but she felt that her mother Kennedy felt relieved that her husband has a society, so it is not a bother to their needs, the Daily Mail reports.
In interviews Rose has not spoken directly about her husband’s infidelity, but she said she warned her daughter in law will always be rumors about their husbands and that they should be ignored.

Although it may not be married to a man of your dreams, was filled as she watched her grow up successful children (although in many cases tragic outcomes). It is in some ways was not only ambitious as Joe, but even more, because she lived through the lives of their children.
Rose died in 1995, when she was 104 years. And only one of her children is still alive – 87-year-old Jean, former US ambassador to Ireland.